Deborah + Bill : Lord Elgin Hotel

There are not enough words I could use to describe this incredibly sweet intimate wedding.

From the beginning when Deborah first reached out she told me about how she wanted her wedding to be short and sweet and all about family and friends and the people she and Bill both loved.  She wanted to be in the moment and for everyone to share the moment with them and it was just that, an intimate gathering with loved ones.

I met with Deborah for the first time at The Lord Elgin Hotel in downtown Ottawa where her room was beautifully decorated by her best friends and bridesmaids, it made me giddy with excitement for the carefully chosen details and the happiness that emanated from Deborah that they would do this for her.  We popped the bubbly and sipped champagne while talking about her anticipation of marrying the man she loves, getting the flower girl dressed in the most beautiful gown I have ever seen and laughing over the sweet ring bearer as he ran under her dress.

When Deborah brought out her wedding gown and stepped into it everything became a reality.  Everything she had waited for flashed before her eyes and she could hardly keep from running to the altar.

Bill, you have the sweetest woman to call a wife and there isn’t anything she wouldn’t do for you.  I am beyond thrilled that I was fortunate enough to have shared in such a wonderful day and I wish you both so much love and happiness!

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