Janel + Nick : Greens at Renton

Janel and Nicks wedding has been an absolutely incredible wedding that I have had the opportunity to shoot.  Something I have waited for all year!

While I write up this blog post and scour over their photos the biggest grin sits perched on my face.  These two are the epitomy of love.  Real love.  They have been weighed, they have been measured, they have been tested and have come out on top.  I delved a little into everything that had happened a while back during their engagement session which you can read here, but it’s enough to know that together they are the type of people that will surpass every tribulation that gets thrown their way.

I remember seeing the way Janel looked at Nick as she walked down the aisle and vice versa, it was as if they were the only two people in this world and when Nick looked at me and gave me a wink as his beautiful wife approached I died inside.  I couldn’t will her to walk any faster up that podium and say her vows.

They have the type of humour I admire.  They are genuine, humble and oh so sweet to each other and everyone around them.

I couldn’t be more happy to have shared in their fantastic day, one of many I’m sure, that are yet to head their way.

Congratulations Janel and Nick!
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Venue:  Greens at Renton

Decorator:  Unveiled Custom Designs

Hair:  Synergy Salon

Cake:  Kaley’s Bakery

Dress:  Heirlooms Bridal

D.J:  Black Creek Music

Tuxes:  Carter’s Menswear

  • November 10, 2016 - 12:54 pm

    Sandra - Crazy legs on the dance floor;),such a fun night!! Wish you two love birds all the best in your nest making 😉ReplyCancel

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