We All Have A Story


Hi, I’m Oana.

You should know I have a love affair with the sun.

I have a huge passion for life and adventure.

I am an extroverted introvert.  I know, I confuse myself

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am an extremely sensitive person.

I believe that when you love someone you say it, everyday, because life is short.

I am a complete foodie!  I love food and will eat just about anything, except bugs….bleh!

There is always music playing in my house, in my shower or in my car.  Silence is deafening.

I am a hugger.  All in , arms out, squeeze tight, look out!

I love to read thrillers, mystery and adventure mixed in with a little bit of romance.

Life is meant to be lived, loud and vibrant.

Candles, candles everywhere!

I will try anything once.

I believe in natural skincare and remedies and using all that Mother Earth has to provide.

I am a Personal Support Worker by trade and I will toot my own horn, I am good at it.

I am extremely silly and crack jokes because I love to see people laugh…life gets serious enough if you let it so if I can make someone smile, all the better.

I am terrified of spiders and heights.

Age is just a number and you’re only as old as you feel.

I was born in Europe, Romania to be exact and no, I’m not a vampire 😛

When we meet, what you see is what you get.


The joy of my life is my son.  It has been such a privilege to get to mold him from a baby into a little man and I am still in awe at the person he is becoming.  I am truly blessed to be his mamma.

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