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Our Approach

We like to approach each wedding as if it were our own.

We know the countless hours you have spent on making this day one of THE best days of your lives and we ensure to capture every moment as it happens along with coverage of every detail so that you can look back on these photos in years to come and be transported back to this day.

I would call my style natural.  Fake smiles and boxy poses are a thing of the past.  I love to capture your authenticity as it happens. Tears? No problem.  Belly laughter? We've got you covered.  We love to see the real you shine!

I wish I could say that I grew up with a love of photography but the truth is photography found me and I grew to love it.

I am a portrait taker and I believe that we should freeze the moments in our lives that would otherwise be forgotten.

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Wedding Photographer

More often than not you can find me devouring a good book, shedding tears over yet another movie that tugged at my heart strings, drinking coffee or tea but never quite finishing them, working in my gardens in the summertime or lately looking to redesign my home.  

I am an introverted extrovert.  Yes, there is such a thing and I am slowly learning how to balance the two.

I love sunshine, flowers and mascara.

I would love to one day learn how to surf.  I would also love to hike the Appalachian Trails and ride a camel.  Learn Spanish.  Watch a volcano erupt.  Touch Stonehenge and visit Ireland.  My bucket list is a mile long and I am hungry to explore what this beautiful Earth has to offer while I'm on it.  The camera is my eyes, the photos are my memories.

The two most important people in my life are my husband and my son.  When I first started my photography journey it was to take better photos of them.  To leave a legacy behind of our time on this Earth.  I was asked once why I wanted to justify our existence and I could never really come up with an honest answer until now.  Why not?  This is our moment.  This is our time!  Every day matters!  And so, I vow to make each day beautiful, look for the positive in everything and leave a small mark of our existence for the next generation to find.

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